Clutter Free Living: In Your Car

It's not easy to keep a car free of clutter and trash, especially with a family. 

Setting intentional habits is a must. Such as, getting trash out after each trip & unloading your vehicle daily. 

Everyone does better with helpful tools, too.

Here are a few inexpensive ideas to house not only your things, but your family's, as well:

I picked up one of these at a local car wash. This driver's organizer goes into a cup holder - it holds my phone, mileage log, pen, lip gloss and a pair of sunglasses. It was about $7. LOVE IT and use it everyday! 

Make a kid's caddie using a dollar store tote. I love that this is portable and can be taken out for waiting periods where little ones need extra entertaining - this doesn't have to be exclusive for the car. 

An over the door shoe organizer, found also at a dollar store, can be used to keep each family member neat, tidy and ready to go. (Make sure you get the shortest version, so it's not dragging on the floorboard.)

For you overachievers, check this out: First aid, cleaning & skincare items are all available when on the go. 

These items - coupled with discipline - will help keep a neater, more enjoyable ride for anyone. 

Happy Trails! 

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