Client #2 Testimonial

This morning, I received a testimonial from Client #2. You will see in her writing how very precious and big-hearted she is. She is one of the few people I have had the pleasure of knowing that is pure in heart. She loves her family and Jesus more than anything in her life. What a pleasure it was working with her in her home. One day when I was scheduled to come over, she had a surprise birthday breakfast at her house for me! The kind of love and joy she has is contagious. Here is what she had to say about Orderly Manners:

"Working with Stephanie was a complete joy, somehow I was even changing into a nicer person to live with, I don’t know if this was because the chaos was leaving my life or because I was spending so much time with Stephanie – she is beautiful inside and out.

Before Orderly Manners, I believed I was organized and that my house had become messy because that’s just the way busy people’s homes are.  I believed that homes with young children, and especially homes with recently added new babies like mine were destined to stay in chaos until the children moved out (and not because they need some focused attention and decluttering). I changed my opinion of this after viewing the changes in the rooms of client #1. The hours spent in organizing my space taught me some valuable lessons, 1. my way wasn’t working 2. a house doesn’t have to contain everything you’ve ever purchased or been given. My way of organizing was, books go here, movies go here Stephanie’s way was…inspirational books go here, parenting books go here, the husband’s books go here and movies go in order of their type, children’s here, parent’s movies here– I realized this method worked - I could get rid of some items because I had excesses in several categories. Stephanie’s way of organzing helps you see the clutter and get rid of it.

I wish all photos could be displayed because the most magical transformation occurred in my bedroom, sadly though we jumped in and completed the task prior to getting any photos taken. After working in my bedroom a wonderful peace and tranquility occurred, you should have seen my happily surprised husband – he got to see the wow factor at least. With my room clutter free and organized I was then able to credibly say to my daughter clean up your room.  Prior to Orderly Manners my bedroom contained volumes of movies, bins of old papers, a messy bookcase, scattered clothes piles and these were just a normal part of living life and we were constantly loosing items, misplacing them and never knowing where things were because of it. NOT ANY MORE - THE CHAOS IS GONE my house stays clean because without the clutter and designating a place for everything, it just doesn’t have to be a mess.  Warning – it can be addictive – since Stephanie’s help I’ve organized my kitchen and almost every other drawer in my house. Living chaos free is the life for me. THANK YOU ORDERLY MANNERS – THANK YOU STEPHANIE YOU ARE A DREAM."