Can I tell you how much I have LOVED working with Shoeboxed.com? They are an amazing business that reduces important paper clutter, like receipts and business cards. I was spending at least an hour every week recording my expenses into a spreadsheet, before Shoeboxed.com found me. I have been using their services since last Fall and haven't been happier.

Now, when I have a business expense and get a paper receipt, I put it into a prepaid envelope and mail it to Shoeboxed.com. I mail my envelope at the end of each month. Then, within a few weeks, my envelope is returned to me, just in case I need it for tax purposes, an in-store return or warranty. They also have an iPhone App that I use. All I do is take a picture of the receipt and it automatically gets uploaded into my Shoeboxed.com account. Which by the way, is in a handy spreadsheet ready to import into Quickbooks, Quicken or whatever finance software you use. I love that this year my taxes are going to be so easy to file with my accountant. I'll just download my expenditures, print them out and leave the rest to the accountant.

Another really neat thing about Shoeboxed.com is that I get my own email through them. This isn't an email that I personally use, but its one that I give to stores or companies that I shop with. This way I don't have a hundred emails everyday from companies with their special offers. So, this keeps my email accounts nice and tidy. Also, I send my online purchase (like Amazon, eBay, etc)  receipts to my Shoeboxed.com email and they upload that to my expense report!

I can't brag enough about this company. They have made managing my receipts and taxes so much easier!

If you have any questions about Shoeboxed.com and how they can help you personally or professionally, let me know and I'll give you all the info. You can try out their program free to see how you like it, too. I'm so glad I did! I have a couple of their links on my blog. You can click and follow it right to their page, to start your trial program.