Get Organized with Women's Health Mag

I was reading through Women's Health Magazine, while at the Gym yesterday morning. There is an article on how to get "Energized - in 60 Seconds or Less!" in this month's issue. Of the 5 Tips they mentioned, Tip 3 was "Break Your Hoarding Habits"

Here's what Brigid Sweeney of WHM had to say, "A messy desk or kitchen counter can be a serious drain. 'The reminder of everything we haven't gotten to yet really drags us down,' says Emily Wilska, founder of The Organized Life, a professional organizing company in San Francisco. If you don't have time for an overhaul, simply filing loose papers into folders can clear your mind. Wilska recommends using a tray for critical items, so you can remove them from sight without worrying they'll be forgotten."

Here are some trays that I would recommend for this simple, energizing project:


Towel Name Tags

Do you ever get frustrated when your spouse, sibling, or roommate take your bath towel? It normally leaves me stranded, soaking wet without a towel, if I don't notice mine is missing before getting into the shower. I always return my towel to the towel rack for drying, so I know my husband has taken mine when it isn't there.

I came up with an idea last week on how to help prevent this towel confusion from happening (leaning towards the idea that the towel thief is clueless that they are in fact stealing another person's towel and there needs to be better communication).

Tonight, I introduced my idea to real life.

This is what I did to make my towel name tags:
1) Printed on white card stock my name & my husband's name, using the computer
2) Cut our names out of the card stock leaving them each in a box shape
3) Taped the front and back sides of each name tag using clear packing tape, so they would be waterproof
4) Cut the excess tape from around each name tag
5) Pinned a large safety pin to the corner of each tag
6) Safety pinned the name tags to the outer corner of each towel, so they wouldn't get in the way during dry-offs.

Hopefully, these tags will fill in the communication gap and I won't be left scurrying to get a towel, soaking wet again.