Bill & Julie's Testimonial

"A year and a half ago, we moved into our house during a crazy time. Julie was pregnant and finishing up a graduate degree, and Bill was working full time. Because of the circumstances, we were not able to effectively organize our belongings. Since we moved in, we worked on organizing bit by bit. In one day, Stephanie helped us organize our master closet, developed a system for us to manage our mail clutter, and gave us great ideas for our office/ play room. She asked us questions to learn about our habits, and tailored her advice to give us a system we could maintain even with the demands of a 15 month old son.  

Thanks to Stephanie, we are finally able to truly enjoy our new home! She was a joy to work with on this project, and we plan on having her back to finish other projects. She was courteous, professional, and enthusiastic. We highly recommend Orderly Manners for anyone who wants to bring peace and organization to their lives!"

Julie and Bill Sorenson- Jacksonville, FL